Meet Gregg Ward

Gregg Ward has been serving industry and government for over 25 years as an author, speaker, consultant and executive coach in the areas of leadership, respect, and change.

He began his career in the 1980s as a specialist trainer for the New York City Police Department. Since then, Gregg has developed over 2,000 different programs, seminars and speeches and delivered them throughout North America and Western Europe.

During the 1990s Gregg – who is a trained and award-winning actor, director and writer – developed a suite of specialized corporate training techniques featuring live, professional theater.

He is now known as the world’s top expert in the use of these powerful tools. Clients include ADP, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Harley-Davidson, Kaiser Permanente, Qualcomm, Warner Bros. Studios and the US Navy.

Gregg is the author of the best-selling business book Bad Behavior, People Problems & Sticky Situations: A Toolbook for Managers and Team Leaders and the new book The Respectful Leader: Seven Ways to Influence Without Intimidation.

Photo credit: Ken Sergi

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The Gregg Ward Group Team

Leadership Team, Professionals, Employees - Cindy Burnham headshot
Cynthia Burnham

Cynthia Burnham is a leadership consultant, Board Certified Coach, former Wall Street Senior Vice President/Director of Employee Relations & Development, and the author of The Charisma Edge: A How-To Guide For Turning On Your Leadership Power.

Leadership Team, Professionals, Employees - Lynn Coffman headshot
Lynn Coffman

Lynn Coffman is a business coach, consultant, facilitator and speaker who specializes in providing solutions for improving management processes, employee productivity and customer service.

Leadership Team, Professionals, Employees - Phil Dixon headshot
Phil Dixon
Leadership & Change

Phil Dixon is a leadership consultant and the Vice President of Leadership at Brain Resource. Incorporating the latest knowledge, Phil applies insights from the field of integrative neuroscience on the areas of leadership development, and organizational & cultural change.

Leadership Team, Professionals, Employees - Will Headapohl headshot
Will Headapohl

Will Headapohl is a highly experienced executive consultant in the technology space.

Leadership Team, Professionals, Employees - John Kohut headshot
John Kohut
Technology & Leadership

John Kohut is a serial entrepreneur and start-up CEO, and a technology leadership consultant focused on supporting and guiding the creation of novel energy storage solutions to enable vastly greater renewable energy adoption.

Leadership Team, Professionals, Employees - Kevin Rafferty headshot
Kevin Rafferty
Leadership & Training

Kevin Rafferty has over 38 years of top management expertise with Fortune 500 corporations, family-owned and entrepreneurial businesses, as well as various non-profit organizations. Kevin revitalizes organizations from the top down with a fresh conscious leadership approach.

Leadership Team, Professionals, Employees - Mark Schall headshot
Mark Schall
Human Relations

Mark Schall is a specialist coach, facilitator, educator, and motivational speaker in the areas of human relations and interpersonal communications. Having worked with Gregg Ward since 1996, Mark is an expert in the use of live, professional theater, Guided Interactive Facilitation™, and experiential learning as workplace training tools.

Leadership Team, Professionals, Employees - Tom Stephenson headshot
Tom Stephenson
Professional Actor

Tom Stephenson is an award winning professional actor and longtime Gregg Ward Group member who specializes in the use of experiential learning and theatrical performance on complex workplace issues.

Leadership Team, Professionals, Employees - Chris Witt headshot
Chris Witt

Chris Witt works with leaders who want to influence and inspire audiences, and with high-level technical professionals who want to communicate complex ideas simply and clearly. He combines a background in education, counseling, and ministry with advanced training in public speaking, communications, and emotional intelligence.

Leadership Team, Professionals, Employees - Maurice Wilson headshot
Maurice Wilson
Business Development

Maurice Wilson specializes as an organizational business development and outreach consultant, and skills development trainer in the non-profit and government sectors.

Leadership Team, Professionals, Employees - Walter Meyer headshot
Walter Meyer

Walter G. Meyer is the co-author of The Respectful Leader: Seven Ways to Influence Without Intimidation. A Business Fable. as well as the business sales book Going for the Green: Selling in the 21st Century, also a business fable.

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