Live Theater Training

After developing a customized script that meets the client needs and cultures, professional actors from the Gregg Ward Group deliver a fully memorized, compelling performance on client site. After each performance, a subject matter expert facilitator leads the audience in Guided Interactive Facilitation™ to ensure key learning points and client messages are covered and reinforced. Then, in a lively and powerful module called “the interactive session,” the actors return to the stage “in character” to respond directly to audience questions and comments. Our learning/training events program includes:

Interested in Live Theater Training?

Live Theater Performance by Professional Actors
  • Live, professional actors
  • Short, customized scenarios and/or plays
  • Scripts created specifically for clients and their cultures
  • Post-show Interactive Sessions with actors “in character” responding to audience questions and comments.
  • At client site
Guided Interactive Facilitation™
  • Live audience Q&A and comment sessions
  • Guided and facilitated by our Subject Matter Experts/Facilitators
  • Focusing on clients’ approved messages and content
Topics Include
  • Respect & Respectful Leadership
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Change
  • Prevention of Workplace Harassment & Discrimination
  • Managing Conflict

Case Studies

Intercontinental Hotel Groups

Recognizing that the hospitality industry is among the most diverse in the world, InterContinental Hotels Group sought to educate its global training and development staff on current best practices on diversity and inclusion at its annual global conference.

The Gregg Ward Group developed and performed a series of customized dramatic scenarios set in a fictional IHG property followed by Guided Interactive Facilitation by Subject Matter Expert, Gregg Ward. The program was delivered three times in conference breakout sessions during one day.

Participants reported that the Gregg Ward Group’s program was “powerful,” “memorable,” and “the best at the conference.” Leadership was so impressed that six months later they brought the GWG group to their Global Leadership Conference in Las Vegas to perform a revised and updated version of the program twice in one day to a standing room only audience of General Managers from all over the world.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

This pharmaceutical giant wanted to educate all of its North American sales associates and managers on the new blue-chip industry sales standard called “The Pharma Code.”

The Gregg Ward Group teamed up with Bristol-Myers Squibb’s legal and training divisions to develop a powerful and effective live training program called “All of Us” featuring professional actors portraying sales associates and managers of a fictional pharmaceutical company. The program was delivered over 30 times throughout North America and then videotaped in the company’s New Jersey studios for distribution globally.

Follow up surveys and assessments determined that overall understanding and compliance with The Pharma Code by BMS sales associates and managers was among the highest in the industry.

Harley-Davidson Motor Company

The leadership of this world class brand wanted to increase sales in new and emerging markets – women and people of color – of motorcycles and branded gear. To do this, they needed to educate franchise owners and their staff on those markets and how to sell into them.

Develop and deliver a 3.5 hour training seminar – featuring live, professional theater, and Guided Interactive Facilitation – multiple times in breakout sessions at the company’s annual global dealership conference at the Gaylord Hotel in Texas.

Harley-Davidson leadership was so impressed with the programs and its audiences’ reactions that it re-engaged the Gregg Ward Group to fly to headquarters in Milwaukee, WI to videotape the program in its dealership mockup and edit it into an interactive video training program. H-D then brought the GWG back the following year to perform the program live in a massive plenary session to over 3,000 participants and then personally hand each participant a DVD of the program. Over the ensuing years, H-D recorded a measureable increase in sales to riders in those new and emerging markets.

International House of Pancakes

Leadership at IHOP sought to ensure corporate staff and franchise owners/GM’s understood the links between respect, diversity, inclusion and labor issues, customer loyalty and morale.

The Gregg Ward Group created a customized half hour comedy/drama set in a fictional pancake restaurant chain, followed by Guided Interactive Facilitation and performed it over 20 times at franchisee meetings throughout North America.

IHOP is now considered by many of its employees as a “best place to work” in the casual dining category. IHOP has avoided the high profile lawsuits and customer complaints around discrimination that have challenged one of its nationally known competitors.


Client List | Live Theater Training

Burger King
Ford Motor Company
Kraft Foods
Major League Baseball
Merck Medco


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