Solo-Impact Training

The Gregg Ward Group has developed and led hundreds of solo instructor training programs for industry and government. Their programs, which vary in length from two hours to two days, make use of up-to-date learning and development techniques and can be delivered at client site in almost any type of space.

Additionally, many members of the GWG are expert “meeting facilitators” who have successfully facilitated strategic planning sessions, and hosted offsite meetings and global conferences.

Our Solo-Impact Training/Facilitation program includes:

  • Individual Subject Matter Expert Instructors
  • Latest Thinking / Best Practice Programs
  • Ranging in length from two hours – two days
  • The Gregg Ward Group leverages a variety of delivery tools including lecture, slideshows, videos, Guided Interactive Facilitation™, small group work, simulations, gaming, experiential learning and webinars
Gregg Ward conducting solo-impact training

Interested in Our Solo-Impact Training?

Most Requested Programs

  • Leadership Presence (2 Days)
  • The Respect Workshop (1 Day)
  • Conflict Resolution (Half Day)
  • Prevention of Workplace Harassment & Discrimination (2 hours)

Additional Programs

  • The Generations at Work
  • Coaching for Managers & Team Leads
  • Respectful Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Talking to Your Employee/Colleague/Boss About Bad Behavior, People Problems & Sticky Situations
  • Performance Management
  • Servant Leadership
  • Leadership Communication Strategies
  • A Little Look at Big Change
  • Understanding Ethics: Beyond Compliance
  • Collaborative Negotiation Strategies
  • The Essential Supervision Series: the fundamental things you must know and do to be a successful supervisor.

Client List | Solo-Impact Training

CompWest Insurance
Ericsson Wireless
San Diego State University
Western Area Power Administration
US Department of Labor

Case Studies

Booz Allen Hamilton

In 2011, Booz Allen Hamilton determined that a redesign and reinvigoration of its program on Leadership Presence was a significant priority.

After being approached by Booz Allen’s Learning & Development team, Gregg Ward partnered with GWG member and nationally known Executive Presence expert, Cynthia Burnham, to develop a brand new two-day, interactive and experiential learning program called “Leading with Presence.”

“Leading with Presence” has been delivered nearly 100 times to Booz Allen Hamilton Associates throughout the United States. The program consistently receives the highest evaluation scores from 92% of participants.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

Before their merger in 1998, the CIO’s of Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand needed to meet in person with their senior staff to come to agreement on employment, technology and policy standards and practices that would best serve the new mega-firm. This was a “must succeed” event prior to the two firms completing their merger.

Gregg Ward was contracted to serve as an outside and objective mediator and facilitator of the weeklong merger discussions in London.

The CIO’s of both firms were extremely pleased with the process and outcomes of the meeting. In particular they cited Gregg for his “enthusiasm, positive attitude and total commitment to the process and agenda.”


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