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Who We Are

Gregg Ward is in on a mission to transform lives via experiential learning and development programs that create respectful organizational cultures. The first to start using these innovative techniques back in the mid-1980s (Live Theater Training specifically), Gregg has developed and delivered more than 2,500 programs to help organizations move out of the command-and-control mentality and into respectful and inclusive cultures that maintain the highest standards, employee engagement, and performance. Known by his peers, clients and colleagues for his candor and relentless pursuit of helping executives kickstart their growth strategy challenges, Gregg is especially adept at driving cultural change initiatives.  An executive coach before it was trendy, he has worked with leaders at many Fortune 100 & 500 organizations to create opportunities from obstacles. Gregg is an award-winning, best-selling author and speaker, and recently released a revised version of his book, “The Respectful Leader”- a powerful business fable on influential leadership without intimidation.

Signature Programs

signature programs focus areas - gregg ward leading experiential learning session
Experiential Learning

Designed, facilitated practice pessions – participants practicing new skill/techniques with a coach, each other or professional actors portraying fictional employees.

gregg ward leading a group in guided interactive facilitation
Guided Interactive Facilitation™

Discussion Sessions – guided by our subject matter expert facilitators, sessions focus on customized content and messaging for respectful leadership best practices.

man and women acting in live professional theater performance training
Professional Theater Performance

 Compact, Customized Workplace Scenarios and Plays – performed by our professional actors on site or virtually; debriefed by our coach and expert facilitators.

Respectful Leadership

hand pointing to a lightbulb illustration
Blog - News & Insights

Gain insight on the key concepts of respectful leadership, learn how to resolve issues about disrespect, and stay up to date on the latest industry news.

Gregg appearing on WJLA with Respectful Leadership book
The Respectful Leader
An Amazon Top Ten Business and Leadership Book. Learn how to efficiently resolve complex interpersonal workplace issues. Available Now!
The Bad Behavior, People Problems and Sticky Situations, A toolbook for managers and team leaders
A Toolbook for Managers

Learn how to efficiently and effectively resolve complex interpersonal workplace issues in Bad Behavior, People Problems & Sticky Situations.

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