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Gregg Ward Group speakers are experienced professionals who are engaging, interactive, and motivational and who customize their messages and content to suit the audience’s needs and culture. Speaking engagements always begin with in-depth meeting/conference calls with key stakeholders to assess expectations and organizational culture. A logistics questionnaire is also submitted to the client and travel arrangements are handled by our professional staff. Content can be submitted for client review and approval upon request. A final check-in call is made approximately 3-5 days before the event.

  • Gregg Ward Group members are highly accomplished professional speakers
  • Like Gregg Ward, many are published authors
  • They have decades of experience speaking at global conferences, offsite meetings and learning events.

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Our Most Popular Topics Include…

  • The Respectful Leader: Seven Ways to Influence Without Intimidation
  • The Charisma Edge: Turning on Your Leadership Power
  • Real Leaders Don’t Do PowerPoint: How to Sell Yourself and Your Ideas
  • Entrepreneurialism: Transforming Innovation into Successful Business Enterprises
  • Emotional Intelligence: The Intangible Skill That Makes All the Difference
  • Monetize That! Turning Your Ideas into Profitable Ventures
  • Respect: The Spark to Possibility
  • The Profitable Power of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Wake Up, Get Real, Be Happy: Becoming Your Authentic Self
  • Managing Bad Behavior, People Problems & Sticky Situations
  • Slay the Email Monster: 96 Easy Ways to Dramatically Increase Productivity

Client List | Speaker & Seminar

Booz Allen Hamilton
Sempra Energy
Society of Human Resource Management
The US Navy


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