Signature Programs

signature programs focus areas - gregg ward leading experiential learning session
Experiential Learning

A powerful process that allows managers and leadership to practice using new concepts and skills in a realistic and supportive environment. Participants work with a coach and/or each other on simulations, or opposite live, professional actors improvising as “living case studies.”

signature programs focus areas - guided intreactive facillitation
Guided Interactive Facilitation™

A group learning and insight methodology that we have developed over two decades, Guided Interactive Facilitation™ helps our clients discuss and process complex ideas and concepts thoughtfully and thoroughly, while staying on course and taking in key client messaging.

signature programs focus areas - Live professional theater performance with men and women
Professional Theater Performance
Customized short, realistic comedy/dramas performed by professional actors at your site. We started using this technique in training programs with New York City Police Officers in 1986. It allows us to dive deep into complex issues rapidly and powerfully.

Focus Areas

signature programs focus areas - Focus Area infographic
Respectful Leadership
signature programs focus areas - Focus Area infographic

Respectful Leadership means giving others – regardless of their (or your) rank or status – the same kind of genuine regard and consideration that you want them to give to you. Being a Respectful Leader is about following the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It’s also about following the Platinum Rule: “Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.”

Leadership Presence
signature programs focus areas - leadership presence icon

While many of today’s business leaders have exceptional technical expertise, projecting a compelling, motivating, influential and authentic leadership presence remains an elusive skill set. Our two-day intensive Leadership Presence program, and follow-on coaching, helps executives learn how to project a powerful, respectful, and authentic leadership style. A customized version of this program has been delivered to hundreds of managers at Booz Allen Hamilton. Participants consistently report: “this was the best program I’ve ever experienced.”

Emotional Intelligence
signature programs focus areas - Emotional Intelligence icon

Decades of validated research consistently indicates that the most successful leaders have higher levels of emotional intelligence: the ability to perceive and understand one’s own emotions and the emotions of others and to use this knowledge productively and effectively. We are experts in helping leaders develop their emotional intelligence through E.I. assessments, coaching, training and experiential learning – all customized and delivered efficiently onsite or offsite in experiential individual and small-group seminars and workshops.

signature programs focus areas - managing conflict icon
Managing Conflict

Every work environment has some conflict, even respectful ones. But when conflict reaches unhealthy levels it can be destructive and costly. First, we assess conflict levels using The TKI Conflict Mode, surveys and interviews. Then we customize our program curricula to accurately reflect client realities. Next, we deliver training, and using our Experiential Learning signature program, we upgrade program participants’ conflict management skills. Results are then measured for reduced levels of conflict, complaints, turnover, disciplinary actions and lawsuits.

signature programs focus areas - change icon

Most organizations experience constant change. But despite the best intentions of leadership, most people loath change. We take a systems approach to change consulting by using customized assessment and client survey instruments and knowledge industry process improvement methods. We help everyone understand The Change Continuum, where they are on it, and how to navigate forward through even the most challenging change initiatives. The measureable results are faster reorganization, increased morale, productivity and accountability.

signature programs focus areas - collaborative innovation icon
Collaborative Innovation

Innovation resulting from collaboration is extraordinarily important in so many business verticals, not just in technology. And yet encouraging and driving innovation continues to be a challenge for many organizations. As we did with WESCOM – one of the largest credit unions on the West Coast – we take a “systems approach” to organizational development consulting and couple it with our signature learning and development programs. The results are consciously designed organizational cultures where “collaborative innovation” thrives.

signature programs focus areas - engagement, productivity & performance icon
Engagement, Productivity & Performance

In today’s highly competitive marketplace keeping the best and brightest engaged while driving their productivity and performance are business imperatives. Part of the challenge is in understanding that most 21st century employees are “knowledge workers.” Our business process and organizational development team members and network partners take a systems approach to engagement, productivity and performance. The results: significantly engaged knowledge workers with higher productivity and better performance.


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