Management Consulting

Gregg Ward Group consultants take a “systems approach” to organizational consulting, based on the practices of analyzing organizations as a collection of interconnected systems and processes and changing these holistically to meet client goals and expectations. We start by doing a “pulse check” using expert management assessment tools. Findings are analyzed into comprehensive reports and recommendations for solutions; which when implemented are supported through oversight.

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Interested in Our Management Consulting?

Our Management Consulting Program Includes:

  • Systems approach to organizational consulting
  • Customized assessments, interviews, focus groups and secure surveys on the areas of…
  • Leadership
  • Engagement, Productivity and Performance
  • Collaboration and Innovation
  • Respect
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Change & Transformation
  • Efficiency and Productivity
  • Development and delivery of Reports and Recommendations
  • Holistic Systems Solutions
  • Oversight of solutions implementation

Client List | Management Consulting

Booz Allen Hamilton
CompWest Insurance
Scripps Clinics
Titan Corporation
Wescom Credit Union

Case Studies


The US Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare division in San Diego boasts nearly 5,000 civilian and active duty personnel organized into functional program offices. As a result of wartime realignment efforts across the Department of Defense, the leadership of SPAWAR San Diego was tasked by the Pentagon to develop a reorganization plan along warfighting capabilities, funding lines and other urgent national priorities. SPAWAR leadership was concerned about the kind of pushback they might receive that could significantly stall the reorganization process.

The Gregg Ward Group conducted an organization-wide survey and over 32 separate individual interviews with each Program Manager and Deputy Program Manager at SPAWAR to gather reorganization recommendations and gain “buy in” on the process. Report and Recommendations were delivered at a Leadership Offsite.

As a result of the Gregg Ward Group Report and Recommendations, buy-In on the reorganization by all program offices was much greater than anticipated, resulting in a much smoother running, robust reorganization.

The Titan Corporation

Prior to being acquired by L-3 Communications, The Titan Corporation underwent rapid growth and re-organization processes. Leadership wanted to “take the pulse” of at least 33% of employees and managers to determine the issues/concerns that they had going forward in preparation for acquisition. 

The Gregg Ward Group conducted multiple focus groups with employees and one-one-one interviews with managers; prepared a comprehensive Report and Recommendations and delivered it to leadership in an offsite strategic planning meeting. GWG was also engaged to facilitate the offsite meeting to ensure the recommendations were built into the strategic plan and carried forward successfully. 

GWG’s report and recommendations was of solid practical value to Titan Leadership who also reported that the facilitation of their offsite was well done. L-3 Communications acquisition of Titan was successful.

Wester Credit Union

As one of Southern California’s largest credit unions, Wescom was experiencing rapid growth and needed to gauge its employees’ and managers’ understanding of diversity and inclusion, and inform them about D&I’s impact on the bottom line.

The Gregg Ward Group conducted an organization-wide employee survey using its proprietary instrument called “The Diversity Continuum,” as well as small focus groups and one-on-one interviews with executives; coalesced and analyzed the data and submitted a comprehensive report and recommendations to leadership. Wescom also engaged the Gregg Ward Group to develop and deliver Diversity & Inclusion training featuring live, professional actors. GWG also consulted in the establishment and management of Wescom’s Diversity Council.

To all employees and managers; Wescom reorganized and redeployed branch staff to best reflect the diversity of the communities they served resulting in a significant increase in membership in those diverse communities.



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