Lynn Coffman

Lynn Coffman is a business coach, consultant, facilitator and speaker who specializes in providing solutions for improving management processes, employee productivity and customer service. She and her partner Michael Valentine are co-authors of Slay the E-mail Monster, a tactical and practical book and system for gaining control of communications and workflow. Together they created the Slay the Monster series of trainings and just-in-time coaching programs to help clients quickly increase personal productivity for individuals and teams. Clients include Guidant Corp., Sempra Utilities, American Cancer Society, Ernst & Young and The University of Toyota where she created and directed a groundbreaking LEAN/PEP program. Lynn is past President of the Orange County Chapter of Professional Coaches Mentors and Advisors (PCMA). She was a former advisor to the Board for The Center for Public Deliberation in association with the Kettering Foundation and holds a BA degree from Western Illinois University.

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