Disrespect or Bullying?

by in Managing Conflict

What’s the difference between disrespect and bullying? According to a recent post by the author and workplace bullying expert Valerie Cade, the difference appears to be about self-awareness and intention. Most of us who aren’t bullies have been unintentionally disrespectful toward a co-worker at one time or another (I know I have and I’m not […]

Respect for Millennials

by in Change, Respectful Leadership

Born between the late 1970’s and the early 2000’s, Millennials (aka Gen Y, Gen Next, Echo Boomers) are a consistent topic of conversation in the workplace. Not surprisingly; the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that over 35% of our current workforce is comprised of Millennials, while some studies (Pew Foundation, Lynch) project this number […]

Gregg Ward on the Seven RespectfulDo’s and Five RespectfulDon’ts

by in Media

The Seven RespectfulDo’s are behaviors that make up the foundation of Respectful Leadership. They can be as simple as practicing common courtesy, apologizing when you’ve been disrespectful, and taking a moment to get your “shift” together. If you consistently practice the Seven RespectfulDo’s, you’ll become a Respectful Leader –creating an environment in your organization where […]

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