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To Be a Great Leader, Learn to Delegate

by in Engagement, Productivity & Performance

One of the greatest challenges for many new managers lies in a self-transformation from task master to leader. This transition involves the ability to effectively delegate responsibilities to other team members and empower them to succeed. Harvard Business Review Contributor Jesse Sostrin discusses this common management dilemma and offers strategies to help streamline your workflow, […]

Diversity and Inclusion Aren’t the Same Thing

by in Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Presence, Respectful Leadership

“Diversity” and “inclusion” are often thought to be the same thing, but they’re actually different concepts. Diversity advocate Verna Myers explains the difference between the two terms well: “Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.” An organization can easily hire employees with different backgrounds, but making sure these employees […]

Protecting Your Company From Political Controversy

by in Managing Conflict, Respectful Leadership

Donald Trump started his presidency by pushing out controversial executive orders quickly and frequently. As the #DeleteUber hashtag that was trending on social media after the JFK airport protests demonstrates, these political actions have already impacted the business world. Some companies are facing serious criticism from employees and customers for their responses – or lack […]

Gregg Ward to Speak at NCHRA’s HR West 2017

by in Events, Press, Respectful Leadership

See Gregg Ward speak at HR West 2017, a conference featuring networking opportunities and presentations on relevant human resources topics. Gregg will present “Coaching for Respect: A 10-Step Process for HR Professionals” on March 7th. The event will cover practical ways for leaders to effectively increase respect and collaboration within work relationships. HR West 2017 […]

Can Respect Solve Employee Engagement Issues?

by in Engagement, Leadership Presence, Productivity & Performance, Respectful Leadership

Victor Lipman, head of Howling Wolf Management Training, describes respect as a lubricant that keeps organizations running smoothly. In the Forbes article “Why Respect Is Key To Employee Engagement,” he explains how respect and employee engagement go hand in hand. Respect makes people feel included. If you respect your employees and let them know that […]

For Ethical Behavior, You Need The Right Environment

by in Managing Conflict, Respectful Leadership

The recent Wells Fargo debacle, in which 5,300 employees opened over a million fraudulent accounts, is only one of the recent corporate scandals that seem to be increasingly common. 41% of employees say that they’ve seen something unethical in the past year, and 10% reported feeling pressured to compromise ethical standards. What causes such ethical […]

Unpredictable Boss?

by in Respectful Leadership

Does your boss have mood swings that vary from happy and optimistic to rude and angry? Sudden outbursts and erratic behaviors can negatively impact your work and your relationship with your boss. In the Harvard Business Review, Carolyn O’Hara gives suggestions on how to be proactive about an unpredictable boss. Investigate | Try to understand […]

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