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5 Non-Confrontational Ways to Encourage Employee Accountability

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When managing a project, sometimes it takes a little extra TLC to get your team on board, working at their greatest potential, and delivering maximum results. But few people enjoy working while being observed through a microscope. So how do you encourage employees without coming across as pushy or confrontational? Entrepreneur Guest Writer Lucas Miller […]

Protecting Your Company From Political Controversy

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Donald Trump started his presidency by pushing out controversial executive orders quickly and frequently. As the #DeleteUber hashtag that was trending on social media after the JFK airport protests demonstrates, these political actions have already impacted the business world. Some companies are facing serious criticism from employees and customers for their responses – or lack […]

The Respected Leader

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Author and Forbes contributor Glenn Llopis is known as the “Opportunity Expert.” He promotes “leading through a lens of opportunity,” with a mindset of survival, renewal, and reinvention. In an article in Forbes, Llopis suggests that now more than ever, employers need to provide “proof of performance.” He outlines 5 ways that leaders can prove […]

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