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Respect Your Elders

by in Leadership Presence

A good friend – a middle aged man – recently took a job at a local Starbucks to bring in some extra cash. He’s twice the age of everyone else who works there, which doesn’t seem to bother him or them at all. But, when a young colleague – someone most would consider a “millennial” […]

Respect For Opponents?

by in Managing Conflict

Respect can surprise us in interesting ways. How many of us would have the courage to deliberately lose an important race to an opponent who’d made a mistake? In December of 2012, in an extraordinary show of respectful sportsmanship, Ivan Fernandez Anay – a long-distance runner from the Basque region of Spain who was running […]

Respect for Millennials

by in Change, Respectful Leadership

Born between the late 1970’s and the early 2000’s, Millennials (aka Gen Y, Gen Next, Echo Boomers) are a consistent topic of conversation in the workplace. Not surprisingly; the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that over 35% of our current workforce is comprised of Millennials, while some studies (Pew Foundation, Lynch) project this number […]

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