Mar 18
Respect Your Elders
18 Mar, 2015. 0 Comments. Leadership Presence. Posted By: Steve Saars
A good friend – a middle aged man - recently took a job at a local Starbucks to bring in some extra cash. He’s twice the age of everyone else who works there, which doesn’t seem to bother him or them at all. But, when a young colleague – someone most would consider a “millennial” - tried to coach him on using the point of sale system, she got frustrated with his slowness and commanded him to “just move.” Now, my friend is a pretty mellow guy and doesn’t take offense easily. But, he’s also a world traveler, a highly…
Feb 11
Upset? Angry? Try Respect.
11 Feb, 2015. 0 Comments. Managing Conflict. Posted By: Steve Saars
Right before Christmas, we discovered we had been lied to by a sales rep at our cell phone store and, furious, we went back in January to return some unwanted merchandise we’d been told we “had to buy.” But the “lead” customer service rep who was processing our return – despite knowing we’d been lied to – acted as if we were the liars and refused to treat us with respect. And when we got even more upset at this, he stopped the return process, tossed the paperwork at us and threatened to have security remove us from the premises.…
Jan 22
Respect For Opponents?
22 Jan, 2015. 0 Comments. Managing Conflict. Posted By: Steve Saars
Respect can surprise us in interesting ways. How many of us would have the courage to deliberately lose an important race to an opponent who'd made a mistake? In December of 2012, in an extraordinary show of respectful sportsmanship, Ivan Fernandez Anay - a long-distance runner from the Basque region of Spain who was running in second place in an important race - deliberately slowed down at the end so that the actual leader could finish first. It seems that the man in first place - Abel Mutai - a Bronze Medal winner in the London Olympics - had stopped…
Jun 7
Keeping Politics at Bay in the Workplace
It's fairly obvious the American political scene is red-hot right now. Many of the candidates are making statements about social issues that are designed as "red-meat" for their base voters, but which may be off-putting or even upsetting to those who don't agree. But from a teamwork and collaboration point of view, keeping politics out of the workplace makes very good business sense. When people disagree politically - especially on the social issues - they're far less likely to respect each other. Without respect, collaboration and teamwork becomes much harder to achieve. And as a result, the work, and the…
Apr 27
Disrespecting My Roots
About ten years ago, while I was on the road leading corporate diversity and inclusion training with my team of professional actors, I made a disrespectful comment in public about actors being all about emotions and not have much business sense. One member of my team, Andy Fox – one of the finest actors I’ve ever had the privilege to work with - had the courage to take me to task about it. Andy reminded me, in no uncertain terms, how difficult it is to survive and thrive as a professional actor. “All everyone sees,” he said, “is the few…