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A Healthy Company Culture Starts with a Blueprint for Success

by in Managing Conflict, Respectful Leadership

In my 25 years of experience working with top industry and government organizations, I know one thing is true: a company with happy employees and a healthy company culture didn’t get there by accident. Its leaders have carefully nurtured and curated their work environments to develop a sustainable foundation of responsive, respectful leadership that significantly […]

How the #MeToo Movement Will Influence Company Culture in 2018

by in Diversity & Inclusion, Managing Conflict, Respectful Leadership

After the recent thunderstorm of high-profile sexual harassment allegations in the media, the #MeToo movement is shaking down bad behavior in the workplace and demanding action. In the process, this spotlight has revealed how destructive and costly sexual harassment is to individuals and to the reputations of corporations who’ve turned a blind eye to these […]

10 Things Great Leaders Do During Crisis

by in Leadership Presence, Respectful Leadership

When facing a major disaster, whether cyber or environmental, great leaders respond with planned action, rather than reflex reactions. Leaders who neglect advance planning risk the possibility of mistakes that can cost them customers and hurt business. In a recent Inc. Magazine article, JetBlue Chairman Joel Peterson offers his personal observations of crisis management and […]

Dealing With Disrespect

by in Respectful Leadership

Disrespectful employees can damage morale and make everyone’s jobs harder. When you have an employee that doesn’t respect you, it’s time to take action. Inc. Magazine offers some excellent ideas on managing problem employees. Their tips can help you to practice RespectfulDo #6, “Nip Disrespect in the Bud, Respectfully.” Keep it positive. Stay calm, collected, […]

Inc. Magazine Interviews Gregg on Talking Politics at Work

by in Media, Press, Respectful Leadership

Wondering what to do when your coworkers talk politics at the office? In a recent interview with Inc. Magazine, Gregg offered some practical tips and suggestions on how to stay impartial during this charged election season. Learn why political discussions can cause a trust gap between managers and employees. Learn more about Gregg’s step-by-step instructions on how […]

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