Apr 18
Disrespectful Behavior at Work: When the Facts Offend
Recently, I gave a talk at a major HR conference where I referred to data demonstrating that, while the frequency of and sensitivity to disrespectful behavior at work has been steadily increasing over the last 20 years, there appears to have been an uptick following the election of Donald Trump. I concluded this segment of my talk by saying, “I think we can agree that from an HR perspective, this [increased disrespect] is not a good thing.” A few weeks later, while reviewing the written evaluations, I noticed one participant wrote that my statement was offensive, saying I had “disrespected…
Mar 14
Protecting Your Company From Political Controversy
Donald Trump started his presidency by pushing out controversial executive orders quickly and frequently. As the #DeleteUber hashtag that was trending on social media after the JFK airport protests demonstrates, these political actions have already impacted the business world. Some companies are facing serious criticism from employees and customers for their responses – or lack thereof – to Trump’s orders. Fast Company’s recent article “How to Navigate Your Company Through A Time of Political Turmoil” provides a guide for keeping customers happy while maintaining your business success. Focus on principal over politics. You should only take stances on issues that…
Oct 11
Gregg Grades Trump and Clinton
11 Oct, 2016. 0 Comments. Media, Press, Respectful Leadership. Posted By: Gregg Ward
Gregg returned to Good Morning Washington to discuss the apologies we heard from Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during this past weekend’s second presidential debate. Trump’s apology concerned the controversial 2005 video that recently surfaced, while Clinton apologized yet again for the email scandal. Gregg reviewed the 7 steps that make up a Full Apology and graded each candidate on how well (or poorly) they did on each step. Who made the most effective apology? Watch the segment to find out.