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Disrespectful Assumptions

by in Change

Almost every day someone says “respect our veterans.” That’s a noble sentiment and a good idea; to which I’d like to add, “…and don’t forget, our veterans are a very diverse group.” Apparently someone in Wilmington, North Carolina assumes that all veterans are male because when Mary Clare Caine – an Air Force vet who […]

Respect Your Elders

by in Leadership Presence

A good friend – a middle aged man – recently took a job at a local Starbucks to bring in some extra cash. He’s twice the age of everyone else who works there, which doesn’t seem to bother him or them at all. But, when a young colleague – someone most would consider a “millennial” […]

Disrespect or Bullying?

by in Managing Conflict

What’s the difference between disrespect and bullying? According to a recent post by the author and workplace bullying expert Valerie Cade, the difference appears to be about self-awareness and intention. Most of us who aren’t bullies have been unintentionally disrespectful toward a co-worker at one time or another (I know I have and I’m not […]

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