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Gregg Ward, Speaker & Author

Speaker, Author, Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer, Executive Coach, and Entrepreneurial Business Owner. A former specialist trainer for the New York City Police Department, Gregg’s focus for over 25 years has been on respect and leadership, and on the powerful and measureable benefits that they bring to leaders and their organizations.


Taught By Sports Legends. The son of world-famous New York Daily News sportswriter Gene Ward, Gregg was introduced at a young age to scores of sports legends from professional football, tennis and the Olympics. These heroes had a profound impact on Gregg, teaching him the enormous value of determination, hard work, leadership and respect.

Serving the NYPD. Then, in 1986 while working as a professional theater artist in New York, Gregg received an unexpected invitation from the NYPD that literally changed the course of his life. Collaborating with a team of experts, Gregg developed a powerful “experiential learning” program for police officers that utilized Gregg’s performance, improvisational and facilitation skills. It was considered a huge success by NYPD’s leadership and was featured in major media including The New York Times and CNN.

Decades of Experience. Since then Gregg has developed and delivered over 2,500 separate keynote speeches, programs and seminars using his unique techniques; facilitated scores of strategic planning sessions and offsite meetings for global corporations; appeared on network television and radio, written numerous books and articles; and coached hundreds of senior executives and managers throughout North America and Western Europe.

Custom-Created Presentations. From a keynote presentation for an audience as large as 3,500 for Kraft Foods to facilitating a strategic offsite meeting for the leadership of The US Navy, SPAWAR…from moderating a C-Suite executive panel discussion for Ericsson Wireless to leading small-group seminars for professional associations…Gregg Ward has experience in virtually every type of platform situation. Gregg will custom-create an interactive, powerful and unforgettably motivating experience especially tailored for your unique audience.

  • Gregg Ward knows that common sense in the workplace is not necessarily common practice. Read The Respectful Leader to learn how the simple act of treating others with respect can transform individuals for the greater good.
    Ken Blanchard Co-Author, The New One Minute Manager and Collaboration Begins with You
  • Gregg Ward's incredible sense of respect and appreciation for supporting others through listening and motivating provide him a premier point of expertise in identifying the essential skills every leader should exercise to become more effective.
    Nina Tassler Advisor and Former Chairman, CBS Entertainment
  • The work is incredibly effective. They don’t dabble in organization development theory or play the guru. They work closely with organizations to learn your culture thoroughly and then reflect it back in truly powerful ways.
    M. Lutchen Senior Partner, Former CIO, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Top Speech | The Respectful Leader

Based on his new book, Gregg tells the story of a hot-headed business leader who discovers that disrespect is killing his company from the inside out, destroying morale and profits, and increasing conflict and turnover. Our hero sets off on a journey to learn what respect really is, to understand its enormous impact on the bottom line, and how to remake himself into The Respectful Leader who creates a successful business culture in which every stakeholder is valued and respected.

Key Learnings

  • How Respect/Disrespect is assumed, developed, earned and lost
  • Brain science around giving and receiving Respect and Disrespect
  • The concept of The Respect Strength Meter™ and how we unconsciously check it in every relationship
  • How Respect is the key to workplace collaboration
  • The Seven RespectfulDo’s and the Five RespectfulDon’ts
  • How Respectful Leadership drives off-the-charts business results
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Top Speech | Leadership Presence

Gregg introduces and explains the incredible power of stillness. Based on his years of experience as a professional actor in New York and London, and on his long-time collaboration with Cynthia Burnham – expert speaker and author of The Charisma Edge – Gregg demonstrates the enormous power and effectiveness of “stillness” and how it is the core skill of leadership presence. The truth is that while many of today’s leaders are technical geniuses, their leadership presence skill – to powerfully influence others, command a room, and speak so authoritatively that everyone hangs on every word – could use a significant upgrade. Introducing special concepts and techniques around grounding themselves, managing nerves, movement, breathing, and vocal resonance and depth, Gregg quickly helps audiences surprise themselves as to how still, confident and powerful they can become in a very short while.

Key Learnings

  • The brain science of why public speaking is everyone’s number one fear
  • Deep breathing techniques that will save you in every situation
  • The top ten verbal and physical distractors and how to reduce them down to nothing
  • The leadership lessons within embodied cognition
  • How to diplomatically de-escalate high-tension moments
  • The power of storytelling to influence others
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Top Speech | Bad Behavior & Sticky Situations

Gregg offers insights, techniques and practice for talking to your employees, colleagues, boss or even your CEO about bad behavior, people problems and sticky situations. Based on his first book, this highly engaging and informative program goes straight to the heart of the kinds of workplace challenges that upend careers, destroy respect, teamwork and trust, and cost organizations a bundle. By explaining the relationship dynamics at play in every organization, and teaching the tools and techniques for communicating calmly and effectively with even the most difficult people, Gregg helps audiences gain valuable skills and high levels of confidence in talking about things that matter most, but no one wants to discuss. Then, drawing on his years of experience as a professional stage actor in New York and London, Gregg transforms himself into your employee, colleague, boss or CEO inviting program participants up on stage to practice their new skills in an unforgettable, confidence-building experience that will have your audience talking about it for years.

Key Learnings

  • The Top 10 Bad Behaviors, People Problems & Sticky Situations that every organization will experience sooner or later
  • The Art & Science of Direct Communication
  • Building A Business Case for The Difficult Discussion
  • The Key Tools & Techniques for Breaking It To Them Effectively
  • The One Up, One Down Hierarchical Trap and How to Escape It
  • Self-Management When The Tension Is Really, Really High
  • Getting Agreement On Behavioral Change – even from the CEO!
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Our Story


New Book | The Respectful Leader.

The Respectful Leader: Seven Ways to Influence Without Intimidation. A Business Fable. is published by John Wiley & Sons and selected as an Editors’ Pick for the Top Ten Business and Leadership Books in Amazon’s Best Books of the Month. It tells the story of a brash, young CEO named Des Hogan who inherits a company teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, filled with silos, disrespect and political gamesmanship. Desperate for a solution, Des encounters a self-described “little old lady,” named Grace, a no-nonsense yet highly respectful employee who works in the maintenance department. With Grace’s help through trial and error and against tough odds, Des saves his failing company by creating a respectful culture and by becoming the Respectful Leader.

Book Acquisition | Bad Behavior, People Problems, and Sticky Situations.

The publishing company Indie Books International offers to bring out a revised and updated version of Ward’s first book, Bad Behavior, People Problems & Sticky Situations: A Toolbook for Managers and Team Leaders. The book is now available for e-readers and in paperback through a wide range of global outlets.

Joining a Global Business Movement.

Ward develops his C.O.R.Concept™ around respect and respectful leadership into keynote speeches and interactive seminars and begins delivering powerful and compelling interactive presentations throughout North America and Western Europe. Ward is joined by many thought leaders such as Nobel Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus, and prominent business leaders like John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods, and consultants like Rajendra S. Sisodia, author of “Firms of Endearment,” and Bob-“The Go-Giver”-Burg, who are seeing respect, respectful leadership, inclusive cultures, Conscious Capitalism and “for benefit” companies as part of a global movement that is fundamentally changing the way the world does business.


Best Training Ever.

The firm has developed an international reputation as top experts in the use of their signature learning and development tools. Clients consistently report that Ward’s firm provides “the best training” they’d ever experienced; with most saying that it was “highly impactful and memorable.” The firm garners significant praise and write-ups in major newspapers like The Wall Street Journal and online at and DiversityInc.


First Book Published.

Ward authors his first book, Bad Behavior, People Problems & Sticky Situations: A Toolbook for Managers and Team Leaders which quickly becomes a must-read within the professional management, human resources and corporate training communities. The book has sold more than 25,000 copies to date.


Ward Facilitates Global Merger.

Ward is invited back to London to personally facilitate the merger of the IT divisions of Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand. Both teams report Ward was “instrumental” in developing a strategic IT merger plan designed to ensure a smooth transition.


New West Coast Team.

Ward transfers to Southern California to assemble a second team of professional facilitators, subject matter experts, and specialist actors under the umbrella organization Orlando-Ward & Associates. The firm quickly wins clients like Nissan Motor Corporation, Colliers International, Lee Hecht Harrison, Qualcomm and Warner Bros. Studios, and begins delivering diversity and inclusion, leadership, change and prevention of workplace harassment programs throughout the US.


Ward Serves As Global Consultant to Price Waterhouse LLP.

Mark Lutcheon, the CIO of the global accounting firm, Price Waterhouse LLP, contracts Ward and his team of professional actors over a two year period to help drive a global IT change initiative. Lutcheon remarks “I can truly say they proved invaluable in helping us open the door to major organizational change – far faster than I ever thought possible.”


Return to the United States.

Ward returns to New York and is again offered an opportunity to put his concepts and techniques into practice. Plays for Living, Inc. – the award-winning training company for which he works – receives a commission to create a groundbreaking training program on workplace diversity and inclusion. It features Ward’s signature learning and development techniques. Within a few months, clients like American Express, Price Waterhouse and McGraw-Hill have booked it.


The Idea Grows.

While in Europe, Ward is introduced to the powerful business concepts of Emotional Intelligence, Leveraging Diversity, and Servant Leadership. He is also able to closely study the complex interplay between leadership and co-workers in stressful situations, enabling him to build on his ideas around respect and respectful leadership.


Ward Wins Fringe First Award.

Ward’s professional touring theater company The American Connexion, develops a comedy/thriller called Boardroom Shuffle for the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival and promptly wins critical acclaim and a prestigious “Fringe First” Award. The show transfers to London in 1991 for three months.


Berlin Wall Falls.

Ward is assigned to cover the fall of the Berlin Wall by BBC Radio and other UK media. While interviewing both East and West Berliners, Ward picks up a small piece of “the wall.” He still carries it with him wherever he goes as a reminder of how the world keeps changing and the need to change right along with it.


Transfer to Britain.

Ward transfers to the United Kingdom and continues to develop his interactive training techniques by replicating his NYPD work for the Police College at Bramshill and by creating a powerful interactive simulation for executives with Royal Dutch Shell. Ward also begins working as a journalist and correspondent on assignment throughout Europe for The BBC, Scotland on Sunday, The Times of London, and other UK media. He co-founds a professional touring theater company called “The American Connexion.”


Seeds of an Idea.

While working with police officers and their supervisors, Ward develops the seeds of an idea around the value of respect and respectful leadership – concepts that are now part of a global business movement.


An Unexpected Invitation.

While working in New York, Ward receives an unexpected invitation that changes his life. The NYPD asks Ward to help create a new type of training program – one that relied on his skills in professional theater performance, interactive facilitation and experiential learning – to teach police officers how to work with a diverse public. The program is a huge success; top brass call it the “future of police training,” and CNN features it in a special report.


A Theater Professional.

After graduating from Boston University’s College of Fine Arts, Gregg Ward begins working as a theater professional with performances and directing assignments in New York City, Boston, Cincinnati and Iowa. Companies he works with include The Roundabout Theater, Cambridge Center for the Arts, The 13th Street Repertory Company, The Boston Arts Center, The Cincinnati Playhouse, The American Shaw Festival, The Mount Gretna Playhouse and many more.